The Principal Investigators Garnering Useful Instruction on Developing [Project] Effectiveness (PI GUIDE) site is devoted to providing current and prospective PIs with peer guidance on building key skills in the nuts and bolts of project management (e.g., managing people, managing funds, and managing operations as well as the basics of change leadership (e.g., building and sustaining support among key constituencies, anticipating and adjusting to changing operational conditions, and institutionalizing the project’s activities with the core operations of host units). The site contact of scenarios drawn from actual situations experienced by grantee PIs. The site also supports a moderated electronic community of practice to build peer mentoring networks among novice and experienced PIs.
This work was supported by the National Science Foundation via grants DUE-1036255, DUE-1102114, DUE-0814328, and HRD-0533520. Opinions expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of the National Science Foundation.

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